Jeram Marketing is a company dedicated to the success of a dealership's Finance and Insurance department. Having spent several years in the automobile business as an automobile dealer, as well as the Vice President of a Finance and Insurance Agency, I understood that too often F&I Agencies would promise to train your staff and develop profitability only to interest you, the dealer, enough to represent their products to your retail customers. Once the product installations were secured, the future of F&I development became an afterthought.

With that in mind, when I established Jeram Marketing in 1991, the goal was to bring something fresh to our dealership clients. Certainly we have access to all of the F&I products our dealers want, backed by the best insurers. But we are also a company that is committed to bringing expert training and development to your Finance and Insurance department to get those products sold profitably and within compliance. This commitment isn't taken lightly; we pride ourselves in accomplishing what has been forecast and we work tirelessly to meet each goal that we set with our dealers and Finance Managers. We have received many words of appreciation from our clients for the attention we have given them, regardless of the size of the dealership.

Consider the changes the automobile business has gone through over the last 10 years: Much pressure has been exerted upon the F&I department to provide security for every clients financial information, as well as to have a plan in the event that information is compromised; to disclose every item that the purchaser has available to them, and to scan the national data banks to make sure you haven't sold a vehicle to a terrorist. More currently, the CFPB and Dodd-Frank Act have impacted the opportunity for F&I to make a healthy finance reserve.

With all of these mandates, your F&I department needs tools and support for compliance and new sources of profitability. Jeram Marketing has aligned itself with recognized companies who offer compliance software as well as menu tools to open up opportunities for new avenues of department income.

Compliance and software companies are everywhere to be found. Most, if not all, have products and systems that can assist you in meeting the requirements. Does your Provider or one you might be considering do its training over the telephone or internet? Would you train a salesperson, mechanic or body shop worker over the phone? These types of software products require more than a telephone call to get you a return on investment. You have the comfort of knowing that our staff knows how to train your people on site and in person.

Our commitment to you is one that includes a strong presence in your dealership and F&I department. We're not interested in trying to change the way you do business - we work within your system - so the end result is greater and more sustainable F&I profitability. In doing so, we want to also protect your dealership from the prospect of litigation due to a compliance issue.

We are thankful to the many dealerships that have been with our organization for upwards of twenty three years. Your support has enabled us to grow. For those of you interested in a fresh approach to F&I compliance and development, we would love to give you reason to be part of our growing account base.

Feel free to review the site and contact us with any question or curiosity. If you notice something that doesn't seem quite right, please let us know. If you have an idea that you would like to see expanded here, we are open to your suggestion. Thank you for visiting us and we hope to visit with you in the weeks and months ahead.


Jerry O'Neill

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