June 1, 2016


David Robertson, Executive Director of the Association of F&I Professionals, is tired of watching our industry come under attack by the CFPB who, as he says, prefers anecdotal miscues [about aftermarket products] over empirical sales and claims data. In an article in Agent Entrepreneur he details his plan to go on the offensive with positive information about the products and services that are sold in the F&I office. Since 95% of Millennials shop for cars online, and 75% conduct their research there, A.F.I.P. will use a 2-pronged approach to get real information to consumers.

First, A.F.I.P. will host a consumer education website dedicated to aftermarket products. His hope is that the plain-language, reader-friendly explanations of the products, including their benefits, will boost consumer buy-in of the products.

In addition, A.F.I.P. will offer a press release service to ensure that consumers see the aftermarket product industry in a positive light. Articles will include positive customer experiences as well as fact-based or statistical articles detailing, for example, the number of claims or the millions of dollars paid out on behalf of consumers.

Some questions remain, such as the name of the website and the time until it is up and running, but we salute Mr. Robertson and his organization for launching a preemptive strike against those who want to see our industry further regulated. Stay tuned for more information.