I first met Jerry O’Neill in 1975 when he walked into my small, rural Chevrolet dealership and offered to increase my bottom line by $100,000. Because that was more than I was making at the time, I listened to his pitch. I signed on and he delivered.

We currently have ten franchises in a metro market and Jerry has been an important part of our success. He has stayed in front of an ever evolving market, always pitching and always delivering. I’ve learned that Jerry has a gift of making each customer feel like his only client.

Now into the second generation, we have watched each other’s children grow up, participate on athletic fields, and follow us into the automobile business. Over the years, I have whole-heartedly recommended Jerry’s company to many dealers. They have always thanked me for the introduction, but more importantly, through Jerry’s expertise, their businesses have increased their bottom line. If you have questions, feel free to call me at 304-233-8000.


Bob Robinson
Robinson Automotive Group

Jeram Marketing has been a solid partner with us in our F&I department for more than seven years. They have helped us increase and then maintain both our dollars per unit and our product penetrations while keeping us compliant with ever changing regulations. Initial training and follow up meetings have helped us stay focused on our F&I Department income and customer satisfaction.

Gary Flannery
General Manager
Washington Auto Mall

The Charapp Automotive organization has had a relationship with Jeram Marketing for over 15 years. During the 15 year span Jeram has provided professional F & I services and products to as many as 6 Charapp dealerships at one time.

I have found over the years that the staff of Jeram provides our organization with the products and services needed to constantly monitor and improve our F & I operations. With the guidance of Jeram, we hold monthly meetings with our staff. The purpose of this meeting is to review monthly results as well as to discuss ways to improve performance and identify any roadblocks to success. Even between meetings the staff of Jeram visits the dealerships to check on progress or issues that may have arisen.

During our relationship Jeram has brought to our attention numerous products in an effort to maximize profits. Jeram has made an effort to advise us of the constant changes occurring in the industry that affect our business. In addition to the meetings, products and expertise Jeram provides periodic training for our staff.

Our relationship with Jeram has always been professional and rewarding. Their goal is to help our F & I operations maximize profitability while being in compliance with all the regulations present in our industry.

I would highly recommend Jeram Marketing to any dealership looking to improve their F & I department’s performance, while maintaining a valued and trusted relationship with your advisors.

Ronald J. Charapp
Charapp Automotive Group

Working with JERAM marketing has really helped us refocus on our F&I Department. I think, like most dealerships if you don’t take the time to set goals and objectives for F&I you go along thinking you’re doing OK. Once we began working with Bruce we realized there was a lot more out there for us in this department. The setup of the Menu system and the training we have received has been extremely valuable. Working with JERAM has not only helped the profitability of the dealership but has had a positive impact on our Manager. I would highly recommend any dealership to explore what JERAM Marketing has to offer.

Tim Colussy
Colussy Chevrolet

Everything I know about this business someone else has taught me. I’ve been working with Jeram Marketing for 10 years and they’ve taught me a lot!

Bill Vasko
Vasko Dodge - McMurray, PA

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter of recommendation for Jerry O’Neill and Jeram Marketing. We have been associated with Jerry since 1995 and he and his firm have done an outstanding job managing and administering our First Extended Service contracts and other products. Jerry has especially done a great job concerning our warranty reserves through close oversight of risk.

Jerry’s firm also provides training to our Finance and Insurance departments to maximize every income opportunity.

I’m often asked for letters of recommendation and rarely do so. I welcome the opportunity to recommend Jerry and his firm to any auto dealer.